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  • Logo Inria

    Research and Development Engineer

    Inria – ARAMIS Team • Nov 2018 – Present

    Lead and develop onto the Clinica project, a software platform for clinical neuroimaging studies.

    • Manage engineers, PhD students and postdoctoral researchers within the scope of this large scale open source project.
    • Work on integration between features extracted by Clinica and statistics, machine learning or deep learning.
    • Contribute to AD-DL Framework for the reproducible classification of Alzheimer's disease using deep learning with PyTorch.
    • Contribute to research projects involving neurodegenerative diseases or patients with stroke.
  • Logo ICM

    R&D Engineer and PhD Candidate

    Paris Brain Institute Institute – ARAMIS and FrontLab Teams • Sep 2015 – Dec 2018

    Developed and applied multimodal image analysis techniques (anatomical MRI, diffusion MRI, PET) to the study of primary progressive aphasia, a neurodegenerative disease affecting language abilities.

    • Aimed at finding new biomarkers of the disease and understanding the links between brain alterations and language deficits.
    • Developed tools for the analysis of MRI data into the Clinica software platform (multimodal brain image analysis) to make these tools easily usable by other researchers or clinicians. I was among the main contributors
    • Contributed to research projects involving neurodegenerative diseases such as Frontotemporal Dementia or Alzheimers disease.
  • Logo CATI

    Research and Development Engineer

    CATI Neuroimaging Platform – ARAMIS Team • Dec 2012 – Jun 2015

    Worked on the topic of development of methods and software for neuroimaging data analysis including the Deformetrica software (morphometry and statistical learning). Used C++, CUDA, ITK, VTK, ITK, Matlab, CMake.

    • Software maintenance, architecture, documentation
    • Support role for PhD Students and postdoctoral researchers to ease their methodological developments into Deformetrica
    • Software optimisation including profiling, GPU implementation with CUDA and replacement of the former linear algebra library VNL by Armadillo.
    • Evaluated Deformetrica on computer-aided diagnosis of dementia based on structural MRI data with the MICCAI Challenge.
    • Participated to research projects involving topics of neuroimaging (in particular structural MRI) and statistics.
  • Logo Inria

    Research Internship

    Inria – M3DISIM Team (Formerly MACS) • Jun 2012 – Nov 2012

    Subject: Data assimilation for the personalization of dynamical mechanical models under the supervision of Alexandre Imperiale and Philippe Moireau.