Manhart’s Restomod E30 M3 Has An Alpina Turbo Straight-Six
Manhart Classic Cars got off to a spicy start with its Lancia Delta Integrale restomod, and now it’s upped the game with the E30.
11 Aug 2023
A Tuner Has Already Designed Two Lamborghini Revuelto Body Kits
German firm DMC has released renderings of two kits for Lamborghini’s recently revealed hybrid supercar
20 Jul 2023
Meet The Man Who Put A NASCAR Engine In His BMW Z4
An intrepid E85 Z4 owner in South Africa decided to do something drastic in the quest for more power
04 Jul 2023
Toyota GR86 Does Sub-8min Nurburgring Lap After Tyre Swap
A stock(ish) GR86 set an impressive Nurburgring lap time thanks to stickier tyres and some committed driving
03 Jul 2023
VW's Chinese Market Turbo VR6 Is A Great Way To Give A Golf R 500bhp+
​​Canadian firm HPA Motorsports has revealed the ‘VR550T’ - an overhauled version of Volkswagen’s 2.5-litre turbocharged VR6 engine
27 Jun 2023
Manhart Thinks The BMW M2 Is Ugly, Says 552bhp MH2 560 Makeover Will Sort It
Tuner Manhart has wasted no time in coming up with a lairy makeover for the latest M2
26 Oct 2022
Here's How To Weld A Differential And Why You Might Want To
We got Ethan to weld a differential for the first time and filmed the whole thing, so you can watch along and learn
16 Sep 2022
New Brabus 800 Is An 888bhp Mercedes-AMG E63 S On Steroids
Upgrades to Mercedes-AMG engine make this the dream daily driver - if you can handle its brutal power
08 Mar 2022
This Stretched Toyota MR2 Is Powered By A Supercharged Audi V8
Marty Sweatt spent four years building his 'Typhoon' - a stretched SW20 MR2 with a 4.2-litre Audi V8 sat in the middle
04 Mar 2022
Hand-Built McLaren F1 LM Replica Has Central Driving Position And BMW V12
Danie Brough spend years designing and building his Papaya Orange F1 LM replica, which is powered by a twin-turbo BMW V12
25 Feb 2022
Tesla Model 3 Has Its Battery Removed To Make Way For A Diesel Engine
Rich Rebuilds’ follow-up to the V8-powered ‘Ice-T’ Tesla Model S is a Model 3 powered by a Cummins diesel engine
21 Feb 2022
A Six-Rotor Mazda Cosmo Exists And It's Glorious
Alexi from car culture channel noriyaro visits a workshop that's a treasure trove of rotary goodness, with one hell of a star attraction
16 Feb 2022
Akrapovic's Titanium Toyota GR Yaris Exhaust Sounds Suitably Fizzy
The Slovenian company has a new exhaust for Toyota's rally homologation hooligan, and it makes a jolly good din
10 Feb 2022
The Manhart MH7 400D Is A Diesel 7-Series With Gold Bits And Serious Clout
Manhart's latest project involves taking a 740d, extracting a lot more power and torque, and adding gold stuff
04 Feb 2022
Widebody Honda E Proves We Need A Type R
Innovative Composites has made a widebody kit for Honda's pint-sized EV, and it looks superb
25 Jan 2022
This RWD, Toyota V8-Engined Subaru WRX STI Is Sacriligeous And We Don't Care
In a move that'll infuriate purists and delight the rest of us, this man put a 4.3-litre Lexus V8 in his WRX STI and twin-turbocharged it for good measure
24 Jan 2022
Vorsteiner Has A $900 'Fix' For The BMW M3's Enormo-Grille
The wheel manufacturer has revealed a raft of cosmetic upgrades for the G80 M3 and G82 M4, and yes, that includes a new grille treatment
18 Jan 2022
A Gen 2 Audi R8 Manual Conversion Is Here
Underground Racing is offering to give second-generation R8s a third pedal, but only for customers buying a twin-turbo conversion
12 Jan 2022
Subaru WRX Given Mitsubishi Evo Face Swap With Surprisingly Agreeable Results
Someone transplanted the face of a Lancer Evo IX on a 'blobeye' Impreza WRX, and it works surprisingly well
10 Jan 2022
This Diesel Honda Accord Wagon Is A Brilliantly Unconventional Track Weapon
Our latest readers' rides feature takes a look at Richard Poole's diesel Accord Tourer, which proves it pays to think outside of the box
07 Jan 2022
New 300bhp NC Mazda MX-5 Supercharger Kit Arrives
BBR GTI is offering a pair of supercharger kits for the third-gen MX-5 - one producing 250bhp, and the other up to 300
05 Jan 2022
V8 Tesla Model S Is 750kg Lighter Than Stock, Sounds Great On The Dyno
Rich Rebuilds has put the 'Ice-T' Model S on the dyno and revealed just how much weight it's lost
04 Jan 2022
This ‘65 Ford Mustang Has A Hellcat's Face And An E46 M3's Beating Heart
As far as triple-threats go, this may just stake a claim for being in its own class in the world of the wonderfully weird
07 Dec 2021
Hearing The World's First V8-Swapped Tesla In Action Is Downright Bizarre
Following the grand debut of the V8-swapped 'Ice T' Model S at the SEMA show, Rich Rebuilds has posted a video of the car in motion
06 Dec 2021
Wild Lamborghini Gallardo Proves No Car Is Safe From A 2JZ Swap
This bonkers 1,000bhp, lengthened Gallardo shown off at SEMA combines a 2JZ inline-six with the car's original manual transmission
09 Nov 2021
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