This Mario Kart-Style Experiment Involves Banana Skins And An Audi RS5

In this amusing video from Scumbag Labs, the physics of Mario Kart are tested in the real world...
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It’s been a rather serious week, hasn’t it? We had the reveal of the very serious Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. Porsche unveiled ‘Project Gold’, which took a year and a half of fastidious and serious work to build. Oh, and McLaren showcased that 600LT with a serious amount of carbonfibre attached.

What we need then, is some silliness. We need some grown men seeing if banana skins can make a car spin out, just like in Mario Kart. We need Scumbag Labs, the same people responsible for another ‘experiment’ involving a rallycross car and hundreds of litres of washing up liquid, to conduct this highly important test.

Press play and enjoy the well-executed silliness.