You Can Buy The Original Subaru Impreza 22B Prototype
The very first prototype for the legendary Impreza 22B is up for auction, with just 43 miles on the clock
07 Aug 2023
Watch The Honda Civic Type R Remind The World Of Its Power
It's been with us nearly 18 months now, but the Civic Type R is still able to impress with its straight-line speed
06 Nov 2018
Become A Supra History Expert In 4(ish) Minutes With This Evolution Video
Want to make sure your Toyota Supra knowledge is up to scratch before the new version gets here? Just watch this awesome video
07 Aug 2018
Here Are All Of The Subaru WRX STI Type RA's Incredibly Subtle Tweaks
The changes between the standard WRX STI and the Type RA version aren't the most obvious, so who better to take us through what's new than the ever-meticulous Doug DeMuro?
07 Jun 2018
Toyota's New Special Edition GT86 Is Here To Tempt You
The Club Series Blue Edition is the latest special edition GT86 to come out of Toyota's regular model refresh programme, and the brakes and dampers have seen massive upgrades
31 May 2018
Place Your Bets For This Honda NSX Vs Mercedes-AMG GT R Race
The GT R has monstrous torque from its 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8, but can it overcome the hybrid wizardry and four-wheel drive of the mighty Honda NSX?
30 May 2018
Heaven Is Real, And It's This Huge Nissan Skyline Meet
Japanese car culture channel Noriyaro investigates a pair of Skyline meets, one for R33s and another for R34s
25 May 2018
There's Almost Nothing In This Gen 1 NSX Vs Type R Drag Race
In this brilliant representation of automotive progress, the Honda Civic Type R is shown to have similar performance to the old NSX supercar
27 Apr 2018
Why The Mid-Engined Toyota Previa Is Weird And Awesome
MPVs/minivans are usually boring, but as Doug DeMuro explains, the Previa is no ordinary MPV...
31 Mar 2018
The Isuzu VehiCross Is A Bizarre SUV The World Forgot
Under 6000 of these weird Isuzu SUVs were made, and as Doug DeMuro discovers, there are plenty of quirks to discover...
20 Feb 2018
The New Toyota Supra Has Been 'Leaked' By A Japanese Magazine
The rumour mill is full of talk that these photographs of Japan's Best Car magazine show the new, production-ready Supra, weeks before its official unveiling
15 Feb 2018
Subaru Is Brewing A Big-Booted Viziv Tourer Concept For Geneva
There's a lot going on at Subaru right now, with plenty of Viziv concepts coming and going. The latest will be an estate version of a mid-sized hatchback or saloon
14 Feb 2018
European Drivers Are Right Behind Mazda's Pro-Combustion Stance
Mazda stands out as the only car maker to have publicly set its weight behind internal combustion, and recent research in Europe suggests it's right to do so...
13 Feb 2018
The Reborn Toyota Supra Is Finally Happening
Toyota has confirmed, with a single teaser image and one sentence, that the Supra is definitely happening – and it’s coming at the Geneva Motor Show
13 Feb 2018
Watch A Honda NSX Destroy A Nissan GT-R In Two Drag Races
A drag race between the second-generation NSX and a GT-R should be close, but these two straight-line battles from Car Wow go a different way...
02 Feb 2018
Mazda Is Planning To Make Petrol Cars As Clean As EVs
The Japanese internal combustion-enthusiasts at Mazda are targeting vast leaps in petrol engine efficiency for future generations
30 Jan 2018
New Twin-Turbo 600bhp V8 And A Roof Chop Slated For The Lexus LC
With the LC coupe already raising awareness and interest in the Lexus brand, executives are planning to expand the range with a convertible and an 'F' halo model
26 Jan 2018
Here's A Drag Race Featuring All Generations Of Civic Type R
This group test brings together every kind of Honda Civic Type R ever sold in the UK for drag races, a brake test and a track showdown
19 Jan 2018
This Mitsubishi Galant Is An Ultra-Rare, AMG-Tuned, 8000rpm JDM Hero
These days AMG is owned by Mercedes-Benz, but several decades ago it was independent and could work with whoever it wanted. This Mitsubishi Galant is the AMG that flies beneath almost every radar
27 Dec 2017
What Is It That Makes People Love The Honda S2000 So Much?
Doug DeMuro casts his analytical, quirk-finding eye over the legendary S2000
06 Oct 2017
This 'Unrecoverable' Toyota Supra Lies Half Buried On The Side Of A Hill In Japan
Alexi from Japanese car culture channel noriyaro investigates "the legend of the unrecoverable Supra"
09 May 2017
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