Here's What Happens If You Use Springs For Con Rods

Garage 54's latest experiment involves replacing con rods with valve springs, but will the engine even turn over?
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The people behind Garage 54 have built a hugely successful YouTube channel revolving around answering mechanical questions no one thought to ask. And one of the Russian outfit’s latest videos is - surely - the prime example.

In this outing, based on an image that was sent to the team, Garage 54 is posing the following question: what if instead of con rods, an engine’s pistons are joined to the crank using springs? Valve springs were chosen for the job, and after a hefty welding session, the experiment was ready to begin.

Here's What Happens If You Use Springs For Con Rods

There were worries the engine wouldn’t turn over at all, but a quick manual crank of the Lada’s engine proved successful. But trying to actually start it? Let’s just say that didn’t end so well for the unit.

This isn’t the first time Garage 54 has replaced key engine components with something unconventional, it’s worth pointing out - not so long ago, the channel had a bash at making wooden pistons