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Now’s Your Chance To Own A Stupidly Rare 800bhp Ferrari Testarossa
It's not every day that a piece of tuning history comes up for sale. If you want this custom made piece of automotive marmite you'll need to make your way to Silverstone Auctions on 20 May
This Cheap Buick Roadmaster Could Fulfill Your Muscle Car Wagon Dreams
With rear-wheel drive and surprising performance, this bigger-is-better American estate is a secret muscle car waiting to be unleashed. Or you can just haul a full-size pool table...
This Mk2 Ford Cortina 1600 GT Would Be An Epic Track Day Car
Rare and awesome, this race-prepped Mk2 Cortina would be a track day darling with definitive British style
How Much Horsepower Can You Get In America For $6000?
Having a low budget doesn’t automatically mean living with low horsepower.
Score These Nostalgic Garage-Queen Convertibles For Half The Cost Of A New Hatchback
They’re not fast and they were never extremely popular, but these convertibles deliver open-air 1980s nostalgia in a big way
This $22,000 Civic Is The Honda Even Muscle Car Fanboys Must Respect
In a world of wings, stickers and stance life, it's nice to see a Civic purpose-built to just kick the crap out of every other car.
This 1990 Skyline GTS-t Reminds Us There’s More to JDM Than The GT-R
Thanks to the 25-year import rule, a new Japanese automotive invasion of U.S. markets is definitely underway. And it’s only going to get better from here.
Rat Rods - Should You Build One Or Buy One?
There are plenty of rat rods for sale these days, but is the real joy in this automotive niche owning one, or building one?
This Is The Chevy Vega That Cosworth Transformed Into A Hot Hatch Hero
One of the worst American cars of the 1970s somehow became a highly sought-after ride that’s actually cool. But is it $22,900 cool?
Now's The Perfect Time To Buy A Jaguar XJ-S V12 Convertible
XJ-S prices in the United States have been low for some time. Should I give into the temptation and become a V12 Jag owner?
Project Cars You Can Buy Now For Less Than A Grand
Clear out the garage and buy another set of tools. It’s time to scrape knuckles and drain bank accounts on cheap project cars.
9 Insane Automotive Purchases At The Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction
The week-long auto auction with prime-time television coverage has built a reputation for having some of the greatest cars in the world. It’s also known for generating some positively insane selling prices on cars that may or may not be worth it.
What's The Most Fun Ford Mustang You Could Buy For $10k?
We've taken a look at some popular and decidedly not popular Mustangs of the past to see which could be more fun for 10 grand
High-Mile Ferraris: Buy A 348 For $39,000 Or A 328 For $72,900?
The 348 has 72,000 miles and an Italian flag for a stripe, while the 328 has 52,000 miles and oodles of sex appeal. But, realistically, are either worth the gamble?
Get Your A70 Supra Turbo Now Before Prices Go Bonkers
Long overshadowed by their twin-turbocharged successors, mark III Supras are still all kinds of awesome. Better get yours now while they’re still cheap
09 Jan 2016
Here Are Two Dodge Stealth R/T Turbos At The Extremes Of The Buying Spectrum
Stealths were rare and awesome for U.S. buyers in the 1990s, but they never really found a strong core enthusiast following. That’s why these two cars can be bought for either $3000 or $18,900, depending on your level of sanity
This JDM-Spec Celica GT-Four Was The Coolest Car In The American Classifieds
America actually got a decent version of Toyota’s infamous AWD Celica, but if you fancy a bit more horsepower and driving on the wrong side of the car, there's always the JDM version
This Funky Little Commuta-Car Is How They Did EVs In The 70s, And Could Be Yours For Just $3k
Barely large enough for two people with all the elegant styling of a doorstop, could this be a distant grown-up cousin to the Peel P50? You can buy it right now on eBay, and its history just might surprise you.
Get Your Drifting Dreams Started With This $2600 AE86 Corolla SR5
While AE86 Corollas aren’t impossible to find in America these days, discovering a clean, unmodified example is something special.
How Cheaply Will This 1999 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet Sell For?
The 996-series 911s are currently the cheap ticket for entry into the world of Porsche ownership, and this one is up for auction at no reserve. It’s going to sell, but for how much?
04 Dec 2015
Is This Modified 2000 Audi S4 Worth The Risk At $7000?
There’s no denying the performance capabilities of the B5-series Audi S4. There’s also no denying the B5’s less than stellar track record for reliability. Does this car have the right mods at the right price to overcome the fear of catastrophic bank account destruction?
28 Nov 2015
This 1991 Dodge Spirit R/T Is A Unicorn Of FWD Mopar Performance For $2500
Extremely rare and unexpectedly fast even by today's standards, the Spirit R/T has a cult following and could well become a high-dollar collectible in the next 10 years. The price for this example is tempting, but something doesn't seem right about the listing...
19 Nov 2015
Today's WTF eBay Find: 300hp, 5.9-Litre V8 AMC Gremlin
Few cars embody the 1970s like the Gremlin. Whether you love or hate the goofy looks, it’s hard to argue with 300bhp in something weighing as much as a Mazda MX-5!
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