A Ferruccio Lamborghini Biopic Is On The Way Starring Frank Grillo

The trailer for the upcoming biopic Lamborghini: The Man Behind The Legend has been released, featuring plenty of legendary Lamborghini cameos
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The trailer for the upcoming Ferruccio Lamborghini biopic entitled Lamborghini: The Man Behind The Legend has just been released. The film will centre around the founding of the legendary supercar marque and Lamborghini’s infamous rivalry with Ferrari, starring Frank Grillo in the title role and Gabriel Byrne as Enzo Ferrari.

The film has allegedly been in production since 2016 and has been written and directed by Bobby Moresco, who’s known for films such as Million Dollar Baby and Crash.

Before building supercars, Ferruccio Lamborghini famously started out making tractors until one day, after getting frustrated that the clutch on his Ferrari kept failing, Lamborghini spoke to Enzo Ferrari, who scoffed at his criticisms. Ferruccio Lamborghini successfully modified his own Ferrari 250 GT to improve its performance, which spurred him on to set up his own venture in the pursuit of creating the perfect touring car, igniting a life-long rivalry with Ferrari.


From the trailer, it’s clear the film must cover the Lamborghini story until at least the mid-1970s, given that it features the Lamborghini Countach. Other iconic motoring cameos include a swathe of Lamborghinis such as the 350 GT, Lamborghini’s first car, and the Miura, the first supercar to have a rear mid-engined two-seater layout, plus plenty of Ferraris and even a Porsche 356.

The film is set to release on 18 November in cinemas in the US, but it’s still unclear whether cinema showings will come to the UK, or whether we’ll have to wait until it comes to streaming platforms. With the legendary Lamborghini and Ferrari rivalry finally immortalised on the silver screen, let’s hope we don’t have too long to wait.