Dashcam Captures Crash Of Lewis Hamilton’s Old Pagani Zonda 760 LH

The crash that left a Zonda formerly belonging to F1 champ Hamilton has been shown on new dashcam footage
Image via Ethan Gale/Instagram
Image via Ethan Gale/Instagram

Dashcam footage has emerged of the crash that left a one-of-one Pagani Zonda 760 LH once owned by Lewis Hamilton looking rather sorry for itself. The supercar is seen passing the camera car on the right on the A55 in Conwy, Wales, before entering Penmaenbach Tunnel. 

The driver then loses the back end of the car under throttle, subsequently striking the left wall of the tunnel and then the right. We also get some fantastic commentary on the dashcam footage, which leaves us in no doubt that the driver of the camera car is in fact called Gary. 

s now looking rather sorry for itself. The Pagani - which was commissioned by the seven-time Formula 1 champion, hence its ‘760 LH’ designation - was later snapped by photographer Ethan Gale on the back of a lorry with some rather sickening levels of camber on some wheels.

Looking a little closer, we can see a smashed windscreen, plus some nasty-looking damage to both the front and rear. Given that this car’s bodywork is made up of large, carbon fibre clamshells, it all looks very expensive, if indeed the car is repairable at all. The suspension damage looks to be quite significant, and we’ve no way of knowing if the composite tub has been compromised.

The car was photographed in Conwy, North Wales. It’s easy to see how it happened - Zondas are known for being tricky to drive on the limit and are somewhat lacking in terms of electronic driver aids, so getting a bit too greedy with the throttle can be enough for the back end to step out beyond the point of saving. Thankfully, the driver is said to have been OK, other than being a little shaken up.

Lewis Hamilton himself has been critical of the way his Zonda drove, ranking it at the bottom of his car collection during an interview in 2018 in terms of driveability. “The Zonda is terrible to drive!” he said, adding, “It’s the best-sounding car I own, but handling-wise it’s the worst”. Ouch. 

The Zonda was technically decommissioned by Pagani years ago and has for a long time been replaced by the Huayra, which itself has been usurped by the Utopia. It’s lived on regardless through a series of special one-offs, and we strongly suspect we haven’t seen the last of it.