Bizarre Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato Advert Sounds Like It Was Written By AI

Lamborghini has posted an advert for the Huracan Sterrato off-road supercar, and it’s all kinds of weird.

Lamborghini has just released an ad for the Huracan Sterrato off-road supercar, and let’s just say it’s a little bit weird. With the amount of advertising regulations for cars meaning they can’t be seen speeding, promoting dangerous driving or making unsupported claims for their products, manufacturers have a fine line to tread and that can result in some highly weird car ads – some proving to be more successful than others.

This time, though, Lamborghini’s advert is weird for all the wrong reasons – give it a watch and see for yourself. It starts with sweeping shots of a trendy-looking man and woman walking through the kind of location you’d expect at the climax of a Bond film or something, interlaced with closeups of the Sterrato. Then the man opens his mouth and it all goes extra crazy.

“This one’s for you… concrete yearner” he says, with a weird voice that sounds like it belongs to the announcer on a Tekken fighting game, or some sort of unconvincing humanoid replicant.

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The worst part is that the voiceover doesn’t seem to match with the actor’s face when he’s on screen, making the whole thing just look pretty awkward.

The script is weird, too, like some automated AI system just lumped together a load of random words that seemed to fit the bill and hoped for the best. “Let the showoff begin on this new concrete. Spray paint powder on the tyres that thrive on the rim – it’s no filth, this is design.” What?

As if the AI voiceover wasn’t sci-fi enough, the final shots show the dirt tracks left by the Huracan Sterrato in the dry desert arranged like they’re intended to call to some extraterrestrial beings or something… It’s all a bit random.

Bizarre Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato Advert Sounds Like It Was Written By AI

We’re not adverse to a quirky car ad, of course. Remember the weird Vauxhall Corsa ads with the cuddly toys called the C’mons? How about the iconic Citroen C4 ad where the car unfolds like a Transformer and starts dancing in a car park? Perhaps Lambo overthought this one – the cool footage of the Huracan Sterrato would have probably been enough, but that weird voiceover is all kinds of cringe.

It all makes you wonder who Lambo thinks the target market actually is for the Huracan Sterrato. If you’re thinking this is a great car ad, it could be you.